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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Raleigh NC

3D rendered xray of an impacted wisdom tooth butting against the tooth next to it illustrated by Stansell Dentistry Associates in Raleigh, NCSometimes, our teeth can end up in extremely uncomfortable positions in relation to the gums, teeth, and bones. This can often lead to excessive pain and discomfort.

This is especially true for our wisdom teeth because they emerge out of the gum and into the mouth, which can be very painful and prone to infections. The term "impacted wisdom teeth" is used to describe this phenomenon. Dentists often refer to these as third molars. They often become impacted because there isn't enough room in the mouth for them.

The third molars try to make way by pushing sideways or end up getting tilted in the jaw. For some patients, impacted wisdom teeth can be painless and not affect their quality of life. However, in some cases, the wisdom teeth can push against the neighboring teeth. This can cause the surrounding teeth to move, get damaged in the process, and even create the perfect conditions for gum disease.

In rare situations, impacted wisdom teeth may also cause the growth of cysts in the jaw. For some people, the presence of impacted wisdom teeth can be extremely painful and require urgent attention from an experienced dentist such as our doctor.

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth may not always cause problems and will go completely unnoticed in some patients. Others, however, will experience debilitating symptoms that could affect their quality of life. Impacted wisdom teeth often have the following symptoms:

•  Swollen and tender gums
•  Bleeding gums
•  Bad odor coming from the mouth
•  Pain in the jaw at the back of the mouth
•  A bad taste in the mouth
•  Difficulty opening the mouth
•  Difficulty with chewing food

Among the first signs of impacted wisdom teeth is discomfort and tenderness at the far back of the mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth may also increase the risk of infection in the gum tissue if only a part of the tooth emerges.

The infection occurs because food can get stuck in the opening, allowing bacteria to thrive in the area. It can be difficult to clean the far back of the mouth with a toothbrush simply because of its inaccessibility or the pain of running a brush over it.

However, the only conclusive way of telling if a wisdom tooth is impacted is to see a dentist or get an x-ray done.

Complications That May Arise From Impacted Wisdom Teeth

It isn't uncommon for impacted wisdom teeth to emerge partially, with only a small portion of the crown being visible. This is referred to as partially impacted wisdom teeth. In some people, the wisdom teeth never break through the gums, in which case they are referred to as fully impacted teeth.

Below are just some of the ways that impacted teeth can grow:

•  Growing either straight up or down but remaining trapped within the confines of the jawbone
•  Growing at an angle while pushing against the surrounding molar
•  Pushing against the back of the mouth
•  Pushing the surrounding teeth at a right angle

The Difficulty of Cleaning Impacted Wisdom Teeth

For most patients, cleaning impacted wisdom teeth is easier said than done. Their main challenges are the inaccessible location of the teeth as well as the surrounding gum tissue. Even with regular flossing and brushing, it can be extremely hard to reach impacted wisdom teeth.

This makes the patient vulnerable to a host of issues, such as tooth abscesses, cavities, and gum disease, among others. Regular flossing and brushing simply aren't enough to maintain your teeth and gum tissues. This is because food particles and bacteria often make their way under the gum tissue, where flossing and brushing usually don't reach.

Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal in Raleigh, NC, can be carried out by our experienced dentist at Stansell Dentistry Associates. It is recommended to first take an x-ray of your mouth to determine how the procedure should be carried out.

Most patients will be given local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area before removing the impacted wisdom tooth. Patients who may be nervous about the procedure could be given a sedative to relax. General anesthesia isn't often required, but it may be used.

The procedure depends on the angle and position of the wisdom tooth. If the tooth hasn't emerged from the gum, our dentist might have to cut into the gum in order to reach it. In some cases, a small piece of the bone covering the tooth may also have to be removed.

There is less need for an invasive surgery if the tooth has already broken through the gum. The entire process should be pain-free because the area is numb.

After the Procedure

After the procedure is done, dissolving stitches may be used to seal the gum. Our dentist will provide you with post-op instructions on how long the stitches will take to dissolve. In most cases, the stitches should dissolve in about seven to 10 days.

To prevent the area from getting infected, you may be administered antibiotics.

Some of the most common post-op instructions include:

•  Avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking
•  Avoiding strenuous physical activity
•  Avoiding hot liquids such as coffee or tea

Smoking, in particular, can delay the healing process and increase your likelihood of getting an infection.

If you successfully follow the post-op instructions, you should fully heal in about one week. It is recommended to take time off from work or other activities so you can focus on healing.

For more information about impacted wisdom teeth and tooth extraction, please consult with our dentist about your treatment options. Call 984-477-0177 for an appointment, and our friendly staff will fill you in on the details.

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