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Root Canal Brier Creek

Back view of male dentist pointing at tooth X-ray image on screen during root canal consultation at Stansell Dentistry Associates in Raleigh, NCThe area within the tooth root is a root canal.

It consists of connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels and is commonly called the pulp chamber or pulp.

When the pulp is compromised, pathogens grow and spread inside the dental pulp, causing it to crumble down.

Microbes and other inflicted pulp debris can cause inflammation or ulcerated teeth. An abscess or ulcer is a mucus patch that develops at the root end of a tooth.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, is a procedure sequence for a tooth's inflamed pulp to eliminate infection while protecting the sterilized tooth from future pathogenic invasion.

To get your root canal procedure, visit our Brier Creek dentists at Stansell Dentistry Associates!

When Do I Need a Root Canal Procedure?

Swelling caused by an inflammation in the root canal chamber of a tooth can spread to the facial, neck, or head regions.

Bone loss or osteoporosis at the root's tip is also unavoidable. There could be drainage issues that expand from the tooth root. A pit can also form on the tooth's edge, with drainage to the gum tissue or the skin surface through the cheeks.

Severe toothache pain when chewing or applying pressure and prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold temperature changes even after the temperature has been eliminated are all signs that you may require a root canal treatment.

Dark coloration or staining of the tooth, soreness, and irritation in the adjacent gums, and an occurrence of recurring blisters on the gums are all possible symptoms.

Root Canal Procedure

The first stage of the operation is to get an X-ray to check the root canal system's form and see if the surrounding bone shows any signs of infection.

Your dentist will then sedate the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic. A rubber dam is then placed on the surgery site to keep it dry. Then our dentist cuts a tiny incision on the enamel surface and removes the damaged pulp matter using small dental files.

The insides of the canals are then scraped and scrubbed to remove any debris pulp and periodically flushed out using water or a dental solution.

The canals are then filled and sealed using a paste, a rubber-like substance identified as gutta-percha. The area is then coated with an antibacterial substance to ensure bacteria is eliminated and to avert reinfection.

Antibiotics may also be prescribed. A temporary filling has to be placed on the tooth to improve aesthetic appearance and restore functionality before a permanent replacement is molded.

This filling also prevents further damage to the canals by saliva and bacteria. In a few days after the root canal procedure, you'll be required to see your dentist for a follow-up.

They'll do X-rays to ensure there's no infection. They'll also use a permanent filling to replace the temporary one and place a dental crown on top of your newly treated tooth.

You must observe a normal dental routine to ensure reinfection does not occur. It is important to call or visit our dentist in case complications arise.

Pain may occur after a root canal, especially after the sedation wears off. You might need pain prescriptions and cold or hot compresses at home to alleviate any discomfort.

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